Business Opportunities at Victoria Station

If cartoon porn videos you are looking to start a business at Victoria Station, whether it is a burger pitch or a retail operation, then your first contact should be with Network Rail. There are 18 stations owned by Network Rail and these stations are some of the biggest and busiest stations in the country. One of the busiest is Victoria Station and thousands of people use this station everyday, so trading in such a busy environment can be very challenging.

When applying for a retail space in Victoria Station be prepared to be asked a number of key questions, such as:

  • Is your business already established?
  • Do hentai videos you have two or more trading sites in Great Britain?
  • Do black porn you have a full business plan?
  • Is your business financially sound?
  • Can you provide audited accounts?
  • You celebrity porn videos will need a deposit this can be as much as 30%

Network gay sex Rail will also need to see your shop or unit when it is up and running. They will need to check your product rail, the quality of your shop/unit and its fixtures and fittings. All of these will be expected to meet the high standards that Network Rail maintains in all their stations.

Victoria celebrity porn Station, as with other Network Rail stations, is a popular site and has a high demand for retail space. When a space becomes available they have to consider the range and credibility of the mix of retail already available. So if they already have two coffee shops on the station, they would be less likely to consider the opening of another coffee shop.

The first thing you need to do if you are hoping to run a business from
Vict buy generic diflucan online oria station is to contact Network Rail’s Leasing Executive on 0207 904 7161 or email, where you can have initial discussions regarding your business plan. If you meet the conditions expected by Network Rail, they will look for a suitable site for you. You need to take into account that sites on stations are very popular and the demand is frequently higher than the number of sites available.

When hd lesbian porn a unit at the station becomes available, they will try to keep the retail mix the same. So if a coffee shop premises becomes available then they will look to open another coffee shop or cafe in its place. If your business plan is appropriate for the unit available they will negotiate the tender directly with you.

Network celeb sex videos Rail will take location and footfall into consideration when considering the rent as it is typically based on a percentage of turnover and this will be backed by a minimum guaranteed rent. Your rent will vary by category and will reflect the gross margin of the product. Network Rails leasing executive will explain the renting levels to you as part of the tender negotiation.